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What is Atomic Scope?

  • Updated on 14 Mar 2019
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Think of it like the vNext of BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), but for the modern era. A lot has changed in the past 10 years. Today’s integration scenarios span across boundaries covering on-premise (BizTalk Server) and cloud (Azure Logic Apps). This brings its own unique challenges, one of them is getting the end-to-end visibility of your transactions.

In my experience of building integration solutions for 15 years, every time there is a need that I can see for most organization — to build some kind of end-to-end traceability/monitoring solution that can be used by the business users. The simplest and best example that I can give here is “Where is my purchase order acknowledgment?“. Typically, teams spend about 20-30% of their time addressing this challenge by building custom solutions like logging components, and web dashboards. Most of the time the solution will be premature, since building an enterprise-grade tracking/monitoring solutions requires enormous effort.

That’s exactly the challenge we are tackling in Atomic Scope.

If you are a BizTalk Server + Azure Logic Apps + Web API’s customer and wanted to the get hold of an end-to-end traceability/monitoring solution, then Atomic Scope is the answer. We are aiming to add more technologies in the upcoming releases.

We’ve put together a video showing how the product works end-to-end to help business users keep track and visualize their business activities that span across hybrid integration scenarios (involving Microsoft BizTalk Server and Azure Logic Apps) in real-time.

How can I get started with Atomic Scope?

You simply define your workspaces, business process and tracking requirements in the Atomic Scope web portal. Then you plug in our out of the box components (like BizTalk Pipeline Components, .NET SDK, and Azure Functions) into your solution and simply call the relevant helper methods. That’s it! You’ll see the magic of end-to-end traceability and monitoring of your business activities in the Atomic Scope portal.

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