Deploying Azure samples
  • 22 Aug 2023
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Deploying Azure samples

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Article Summary

Deploying samples from Atomic Scope Portal

The atomic scope azure samples can be deployed from the Azure Deployments section in the Atomic Scope portal during the Azure infrastructure deployment.

Navigate to Settings => Azure Deployments => Add new deployment . Select option Yes to "Whould you like to deploy Azure Samples?" question.


Deploying Samples using Powershell script

Note: Install AzureRM module of PowerShell as explained in Install Windows PowerShell 5

Install Windows PowerShell 5 or later (Mandatory)

If you want to run and deploy Atomic Scope Azure Components in PowerShell, you should have PowerShell version 5 or later. If you do not have PowerShell version 5 please follow this documentation to install the latest PowerShell and then proceed further.

  1. To check the version of Windows PowerShell you are running, open PowerShell as Administrator and type $PSVersionTable.PSVersion


  2. If your PowerShell version is not 5 or later, use this link to find the appropriate package for your Operating System/Server and install it and after reboot, you can see that your PowerShell will be updated to V5 now.

  3. Enter the below command to install Azure Modules. (Mandatory)
    a. Install-Module -Name Az -AllowClobber
    b. Install-Module -Name SqlServer -AllowClobber
    For all prompts you get in the PowerShell window, type Y and press Enter key.

  4. Now close all the PowerShell windows and proceed to executing the script.

Steps for Execution

  1. Run Windows PowerShell as Administrator. (Mandatory)
  2. Navigate to AtomicScope Install Directory\SDK\Samples\LogicApps\Source folder where the PowerShell script is located by using cd\Directory Location
  3. After navigating inside the folder type this command to run the PowerShell script.
    a. .\ Deploy-AtomicScopeSamples.ps1
    b. Then log in to your Azure account and follow prompts to deploy the sample components.
  4. This will deploy all the Logic App Samples.

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