• 23 Jun 2022
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If you are interested in a new feature, or an enhancement of an existing feature, please raise a feature request in the feedback portal

Version 8.3

Expected release: October, 2022

New Features

  1. Full-Text Search Implementation in Tracking overview

  2. Provide user access perimission to view the tracking activities based on message properties


  1. Compress the archived message content and context properties

  2. Message Reprocessing improvements

    • Assigning the multiple messages to a user at once
    • Allow file overwrite option for File location reprocess
  3. Manage the individual profile settings per user when NT Groups are added

  4. Support of different encodings while viewing the message content or message resubmission

  5. Atomic Scope Installer support for gMSA Service Account


  1. Opening a previous saved search with filter Last 6 Hours produce empty results in Tracking overview

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