Version 8.1
  • 16 Nov 2022
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Version 8.1

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New Features

Process the BizTalk messages asynchronously in the pipeline

To improve the performance of tracking activities, messages can be tracked in an async way in BizTalk pipelines. This capability can be enabled in the Business Transaction configuration in the AtomicScope portal. There, you have an option to enable tracking the messages asynchronously in the BizTalk pipeline.

This implementation performs the message tracking in two steps:
i) In the BizTalk pipeline/orchestration stages, the tracked data is saved into the AtomicScope database, in an intermediate table called Tracking_MessageInPipeline.

Note: Once the Message Id, stage names and other required information are saved into the intermediate table, the pipeline continues with processing the next message. By keeping the processing in the pipeline as limited as possible, the amount of expensive operations are reduced, thereby improving the performance.

ii) As a second step, the Atomic Scope Windows NT service processes the messages from the intermediate table and updates the main activity and stage activities in the corresponding tracking tables.

After the successful message processing, records in the intermediate table will be purged based on the data purging policy.


Tracking and Alerts filter enhancements

In the Tracking overview, the search filter is improved with the prepopulated values for the commonly used parameters like Business Process, Transaction Name and Status of the activities.

  • User experience in constructing the parameters and search operations is improved.
  • Fetch Tracking Data with desired number of record counts from the Tracking overview search
  • For choosing the Date Time range, introduced the Date Time picker

Alert Query Configuration
Similarly, in mointoring alert query configuration is enhanced with predefined filters of Business Process, Transaction Name and Status of the activities.

Duplicate message type validation in transactions
Implemented the validation to indicate duplicate message types across multiple transactions in the business process.
Sorting in Purge history
In the Purge history view, sorting is implemented for the date-time columns.

Support Cases

  • Batch parents are not plotted in the Message Flow diagram. This behaviour is handled with a separate API call to fetch the batch parents

  • Visualisation of details in the Message Flow Tracking is incorrect for debatching scenarios.

  • In Message Flow, Receive Pipeline Fails when Dynamic Message Resolution is used. The Message content and context properties should be visible for the previous stage(s).

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